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Complete families of LEDs of 1600-4600 nm spectral range and a family of semiconductor lasers of 1600-4600 nm range.
  • LEDs - GaSb-InAs Light Emitting Diodes are designed for emitting at a spectral range 1.6~4.6 mm. They are fabricated from heterostructures (HS) grown by liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE). The output emission can be modulated by current flowing in a forward direction. Devices can be mounted in standard TO-18 package or in TO-5 package with Built-in thermoelectric (TE) cooler and thermistor to control temperature and equipped with parabolic reflector to collimate output beam.
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  • Photodiodes Diodes - Photodiodes are based on heterostructures with wide band-gap material. PD24 and PD25 models are based on GaInAsSb/GaAlAsSb structure and PD36 is based on InAs/InAsSbP structure. Fast response time makes them suitable for detection of high-frequency modulated IR radiation. The device is mounted on the TO-18 package or TO-5 package with Built-in TE cooler and thermistor and can be equipped with the parabolic reflector.
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  • Drivers and Amplifiers - designed for power supply of all models Mid-IR LED's
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